Strona Główna
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About us

Our transport company is specialized in passenger transport. Our company perform a wide range of communication on local, long range and international routes.
Each day we perform over 500 line connections on over 107 routes in the following districts:
  • gdański,
  • nowodworski,
  • kościerski,
  • kartuski,
  • starogardzki,
  • lęborski,
  • chojnicki,
  • bytowski,
  • elbląski.
We also perform rides on the following routes in long-distance traffic:
  • Gdańsk - Suwałki (through Kętrzyn),
  • Gdańsk - Płock (through Żuromin),
  • Gdańsk - Białystok (through Olsztyn),
  • Gdańsk - Świnoujście (through Koszalin),
  • Gdańsk - Warszawy (through Toruń).
and during summer holidays:
  • Gdańsk - Płock (through Brodnica),
  • Gdańsk - Białystok (through Olsztyn),
  • Gdańsk - Siemiatycze (through Mława),
  • Gdańsk - Łomża (through Olsztyn).
Our company perform line-connections to Wilno and Kaliningrad, and in co-operation with Orbis transport also to Flensburg, Hamburg and Great Britain.

We offer the possibility to buy tickets for several other companies (international transit). We offer the possibility to rent our busses and prepare advertising campaignies with the use of wide sort of carriers (busses, bilboards, leaflets, tickets etc.)

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